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St John's Vancouver Anglican Church is a community of Christians dedicated to the exposition and teaching of the Word of God, to the spreading of the good news of the Gospel at home and abroad, and to the application of God's purpose in our own lives and families.

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Most things in life are not permanent. Grief Share helps you deal with the loss of a loved one, understand how to grieve, overcome emotional turmoil, and most of all, learn how to tap into the constant source of strength and comfort through the creator of the universe, God himself, through Jesus Christ.

Grief Share at St. John’s is a 13-week support program for people who have experienced the death of a loved one. It is most helpful when taken within a few months following a loss. But others who have lived with a loss for years and have not been able to overcome it have also found this program helpful.

Each week, you will meet to participate in a seminar consisting of a professionally prepared video, followed by group discussion with your small support group and prayer. You will also learn from helpful weekly exercises and tool kits provided as part of this course. 1:1 sessions are also available.

The Grief Share experts include 48 different doctors and professionals. Grief Share seminar leaders at St John’s are experienced facilitators of this course.

Grief Share sessions include these topics:

  • Living with grief
  • The Journey of grief
  • The effects of grief
  • When your spouse dies
  • Your family and grief
  • Why?
  • The uniqueness of grief
  • God’s prescription for grief
  • Stuck in grief
  • Top twenty lessons of grief
  • Heaven

The St. John’s Grief Share program is a provided by Church Initiative Inc., a non-profit ministry. More details about Grief Share may be viewed at

Watch the video below to get a better taste of Grief Sharte


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