Church address:
5350 Baillie Street
Vancouver, BC
(on 37th Ave between Cambie and Oak)

Church office address:
2325 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC V6J 3J2

St John's Vancouver Anglican Church is a community of Christians dedicated to the exposition and teaching of the Word of God, to the spreading of the good news of the Gospel at home and abroad, and to the application of God's purpose in our own lives and families.


Teach your child the word of God in ways that will engage their imagination, and move them from simply knowing to understanding and comprehension, and to a life of faith.

In our Sunday schools, children meet with others in their age group so as to foster their relationships with God and with one another, as well as with their teaching team. Together we study God's word in ways which engage the imaginations of the children whilst stretching their minds.

There are classes during both Sunday morning services for children from kindergarten up to grade 6, with a special class for grade 6 at the 11 am service to prepare them to move into the youth group in the spring. Children are initially with their parents as the worship service begins but after a short talk and prayer for the children, leave to go to their Sunday school class. Your child will be part of a small group of similar age, and they will be taught and sing during their time in the group.

Our Sunday school teachers learn the long term approach, integrating different learning methods and engaging imaginations, moving the child from knowing to comprehension. They pray with the children and for the children - and this is central in our work. Conversations grow out of teaching and the relationship grows. Sunday school teachers are provided with training sessions, one-on-one modeling and mentoring, and work to a specific curriculum.

We hold a number of special events for children and families during the year, including occasional camps for children, family services over Easter and on Christmas Eve as well as special days to grow awareness of the life and ministry of missionaries we support.


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