Church address:
5350 Baillie Street
Vancouver, BC
(on 37th Ave between Cambie and Oak)

Church office address:
2325 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC V6J 3J2

St John's Vancouver Anglican Church is a community of Christians dedicated to the exposition and teaching of the Word of God, to the spreading of the good news of the Gospel at home and abroad, and to the application of God's purpose in our own lives and families.

St. John's Vancouver transition message from Canon David Short


During St. John's Vancouver's transition to a new location in September 2011 we published ten issues of a special Transition News. The last issue is below and others can be found at the right.


Inviting our neighbours

We have an amazing Saviour that those around us need to hear about.

This week, St. John’s will begin an advertising program. Ads will be placed in bus shelters and transit stations in the Oakridge area, downtown, and at UBC. The ads contain a series of questions designed to cause people to view a web site to find out more. The web site challenges people to find out more about the Christian faith and invites them to attend our Open House, or a ‘hosted’ church service, or enquire about the Christianity Explored course. You can view the web site at

At the same time as the transit ad program, which runs through most of October, we will be sending out direct mail flyers to about 30,000 homes. Those closest to our church will be invited to find out about their new neighbours by attending the Open House.

The Open House is planned for 10:30am – 1:00pm on Oct 23 and Oct 30 to welcome our neighbours, but it will also be informative for members too. Representatives from all the ministries will be available to answer questions and food will be provided (yet again!). This is a good time to find out about all the different ministries St. John’s has to offer. Please come – and bring your friends and neighbours too.

In the lobby you can pick up some invitation cards for our Open House event. Please take as many as you need to invite your ‘unchurched’ colleagues and acquaintances.

Please pray that many will respond to our invitation to come to St. John’s to find out more about Jesus.

Praising God

Hello St. John’s,

My family and I had the privilege of being a part of your “Endings & Beginnings” service at St. John’s on Sep 18. We came with Kevin (my brother) and Lyn Unger. We were moved by the majesty of the music, the thoughtfulness of the liturgy, the challenge of the sermon, and the richness of communion. We were so touched by the closing recessional as the cross led the congregation out of the church. As my family and I walked down the long aisle it was moving to see many people with tears streaming down their faces, singing with conviction “Lift High The Cross”. Indeed you have.

I pastor Crossroads Bible Church in Spalding, SK. As I was sitting in that worship service I thought to myself “I have to tell this story to my church family” and so I did that this past Sunday. I had taken a few pictures and I showed them and told the story of how you are paying a price for living out the gospel and for your commitment to the Word of God. We prayed for you asking God to richly bless all of you for your faithful commitment to Him and that our Heavenly Father would use your story to inspire people in your city and around the globe to deeper, bolder faith in Christ.

After telling our story here at Crossroads I had a number of people tell me how much they appreciated hearing it. So I felt I should send a note of blessing and encouragement to you to tell you that your story is being told and that it is fuel for righteous living and obedience to the gospel.

The words of the Apostle Paul written to the Galatians can be applied to your context: “And they praised God because of us” (1:24). Indeed we have.

Blessings Upon You All,
Pastor Brian Unger
Crossroads Bible Church

Kneel, sit, stand, kneel, stand, sit

The Welcome Committee is looking for five friendly, knowledgeable and committed people (of different ages) who can host newcomers during our Open House services. You’ll meet them as they come in and sit with them through the service, informing them of what’s happening and why we do things (like kneel, sit, stand, kneel, stand, sit), explain who those people in robes are, and generally answer their questions. Please express your interest to Joanne Sawatzky by sending us an email or phoning 604.734.3410.

Car spotting

Even if you don’t look great in fluorescent, but love the outdoors, get to church early, and like car spotting, then  you might consider volunteering to help with Sunday parking.  Please contact Joanne Sawatzky

What’s this?

  What you’re looking at is a QR code that connects to our web site, We’re using QR codes in our advertising program. Using a smart phone (iPhone or equivalent) you can scan QR codes to go directly to a web site without having to type in its address. But to use QR codes you’ll need to download a QR reader, if you don’t have one already. The best reader depends on what phone you have, but the .99¢ version from TapMedia works well on iPhones.

Your business

St. John’s now has ‘business cards’ available for you to use. They include the message ‘Come to Church’ on the front and have Sunday service times, our address, and a map on the back. They are available in the lobby. Please take as many as you need.

Visitor Sunday

October 16th will be our first Visitor’s Sunday at our new home. Look out for new faces, and bring some of your own!

Summer is over

Our Sunday morning service times will switch back to the winter hours of 7:30, 9:00 and 11:00am next week, Oct 16.

Final gifts

Thanks to the generosity of our St. John’s family, the transition gift registry has attracted more than $25,000 in pledges and gifts to date and has enabled us to effectively equip our new home. There are just 14 items remaining on the list and we’d like to clear them before we shut down the registry next week. If you haven’t already done so, please visit the registry and consider whether you’d like to make a pledge. Thank you.

Time is running out

We now have 70 submissions for our Farewell and Greetings book but we need at least 100 submissions to make this project worthwhile. If we can send the book for publishing in October we’ll receive a 20% discount. Time is running out. Submit your remembrances of our past and thoughts for our future to Sandy Harmel If you haven’t received a confirmation, please re-send your submission. Thank you.



David Avren, Rector’s Warden

Lesley Bentley, People’s Warden


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