What is Learners' Exchange?

Canon Dr. J.I. Packer chairs the Learners' Exchange. The topics are deeply Christian and address topical issues of our time. Every Sunday morning at 9:00 am during the spring and fall, St. John's hosts engaging and stimulating speakers that give talks on a variety of subjects. Some of them have a particular expertise, some are people with worthwhile experiences to share. With a chance to have a lively discussion afterward, Learners' Exchange is great for adults wanting to explore and grow in their faith. We meet in the southeast corner room that is accessed through the sanctuary lobby area, and refreshments are served from 8:30am to 9:00am.


Spring Schedule


April 9 | Dr. David Falk: The Historical Context of the Ark of the Covenant

This lecture will give an overview of the ancient Near Eastern background for the Ark of the Covenant.  In particular, we will focus upon the speaker's research into the Ark of the Covenant as it pertains to concepts of sacred space and comparative Egyptian objects which will attempt to view the Ark in light of broader historical and cultural concerns.

April 23 | Becky Pruitt:  Art and the Reformation (Part II) — England

April 30 | Norah Johnston: Where will the culture go if we, the church, lose our understanding of a still inner voice?

May 7 | Dr. Zoltan Horvath: The Life and Times of John Chrysostom — the "Golden" Preacher

May 14 | Joel Strecker: Metaphor and Religious Language: Poetic Imagination in the Bible.

May 21 |  Sharyn Thomson: Lessons from a Life in Burkina Faso

May 28 | Marion Maxwell: Praying through the Psalms

June 4 | Harvey Guest: The Lord's Prayer

June 11 | Rev. Roger Revell: Dunk the Baby

June 15 | Dr J.I. Packer: Topic to be announced