You may be thinking to yourself: Another blog? As of 2016, more than 18 million people are writing blogs online. So why is St. John’s adding their voice to the cacophony? The purpose of this blog is to provide us, the St. John’s community, with a place for useful, thoughtful, and Biblical perspectives that allow us to see how the gospel impacts more areas of our lives.

In service of that goal, this will be a space for theological reflection, cultural engagement on important issues, and practical application. The purpose of this blog is not to remove discussions from everyday life and relegate them to the internet. Rather, it provides us with opportunities to spark conversations in the day-to-day life of our community and offer helpful perspectives on conversations that are already happening.

Many blogs offer self-help ideas, facts and figures, and all the advice you could ever want; but our desire is that this blog will help our community pursue wisdom. J. I. Packer defines wisdom as “the power to see and the inclination to choose the best and highest goal, together with the surest means of attaining it.” As we discuss our faith, share glimpses of who we are as a community, and engage with issues facing Vancouver and our culture at large, we hope that this blog will offer tools and inspiration for St. John’s to continue to grow in wisdom, to grow ever deeper in our capacity to reflect the love of Christ, and to care ever more for our neighbour. The St. John’s blog is just one small element of that process, but we believe it has a helpful role to play.

Here are a couple of practical reasons why you might be interested in reading these articles on a regular basis. First, since sermons have a specific purpose, there is not always room on Sundays to say things that fall outside of that purpose but are nonetheless important to the church. As a result, considerable wisdom from our clergy and other members of the community has no platform from which to be shared. This is one opportunity to communicate those musings. Second, with such a large community spread across four Sunday services, it becomes difficult to find spaces to connect more broadly as a church. This is a setting that can overcome the physical limits that often separate us and can bring us into a common conversation.

How can you get involved? Read and discuss articles with your friends, family, and small groups. Also, blogs are designed to be shared, so feel free to post, email, tweet, and link to articles that interest you to broaden the conversation. Finally, we want this blog to be an expression of our community. So if you have a story to share or would like to get involved, let us know at Happy reading!