What Does the Vision of St. John's have to do with an Online Directory?

In the 2014 Annual Report David Short wrote:

“We face two key challenges. The first is in the nature of our relationships with one another and our community life together. Our fellowship together is thinned out by the pressures of pace, consumerism, and individualism, as we live in a culture of mistrust and disconnectedness. The precious Christian virtue of hospitality is at the heart of the story of God with us, and most important for us in Vancouver. God went to great lengths to welcome us, to bring us into his family and his home, and the early Christians spread their faith around meal tables. Loving, costly, genuine hospitality is pivotal if we wish to be a community of contrast which is welcoming, redeeming, and transforming.”

However, it can be hard to connect with our church family, offer hospitality, and deepen our relationships if we don’t know how to get in touch with people. To help us connect with one another more easily, St. John’s has an online directory.

This directory is only accessible to members of the congregation, and you will only be listed in the directory if you opt in. For those who opt in, the directory contains your profile information: name, family members’ names, phone number, address, email address, and your photo (if you provide one).

We would like to encourage all members of the congregation to “opt in”.  Please fill out the form below and join the directory.

Please contact Krista Friebel at krista@sjvan.org or call the church office if you have any questions.

For those that have already opted-in:

We've launched our online directory! If you have already opted-in, you can sign up for a username and password by clicking the "Church Directory" button below. Once there, click “create account” and follow the instructions. This login will give you access to the directory.