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  • 2700 E Broadway
  • Vancouver BC


March 5, 2016 | 9:30 am - 3:30 pm | Broadway Church

Our culture places a high priority on quality of life.  From technology and sustainability, to self-help and beauty products, every new invention promises to improve our lives and to make us happy, healthy, and satisfied.

But, is happiness the best measure of true life?

As Christians, we are quick to dismiss our culture's definition of 'a good life.'  But we often lack a practical definition of our own.  This lack of clarity prompts questions that unsettle us:

  • What is true life?
  • Is how I live as important as what I believe?
  • Can we really experience true life here and now?

True life is at the centre of the gospel.  In fact, Paul spends most of the book of Titus explaining how Christians are to live now that they belong to Christ.  Many people who read Titus see a list of commands and impossibly high standards.  However, Paul's focus is far from legalism.  His words are full of God's grace and hope.  Join us this year as we discover the meaning of true life