The Vancouver Foundation tells us that it is difficult to find real connection and community living in Vancouver. Each of us live in neighbourhoods where life is busy and most hide behind polite distrust.

This year we want to launch ‘The Easter Project’—imagine multi-generational groups of people from St. John’s choosing a practical, loving and serving project in their neighbourhood. Young and old involved in projects ranging from throwing a neighbourhood party or a gig in the park to hosting a knitting class, cleaning up backyards, or organizing a chess tournament.

We love our close friends, but find it hard to share these bonds more widely in our neighbourhoods. On Saturday, March 26, our goal is to have different projects responding to people’s needs all throughout the city, and we’d love for you to get involved.

How can you get started? We need people who are willing to coordinate different projects in their neighbourhood. You may have a practical way of serving in mind, and be willing to get the ball rolling. If so, contact Antje Carrel at or (236) 998.4515. For those that aren’t able to help coordinate, would you consider taking part in one of the projects on March 26? You will be able to sign up for them on this page once they are coordinated.


Bouncy Castle Easter Kids' Party

Coordinator: Aaron Roberts,
Aaron's family will be hosting an open house Easter party for neighbourhood kids and parents. Complete with: 

  • Bouncy castle in the backyard.
  • Face painting inside the house
  • Hot chocolate, snacks for the kids
  • Potentially wine and cheese for the grown ups
  • Chilli/stew for dinner

Neighbourhood:  East Van, Hastings-Sunrise neighbourhood
Age of participants: 0-99
Number of participants needed: Still needs 2 young adults
Estimated time: 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm for the event (Helpers arriving an hour before)
Specific Needs:

  • A family to bring snacks/drinks for kids
  • 2 people to organize face painting
  • Another couple of people to set up and run craft stations inside

Contact Aaron at if you are interested in helping! 


Traveling Lunches on Main Street

Coordinators: Sarah Senn,
We will provide lunches to those in need on Main Street. We will begin with a time of prayer then make lunches. We will go out in pairs delivering lunches to people we see in visible need. Hopefully this will provide an opportunity to have conversations and times of prayer with those we meet.

Location: Starting at Main and 29th travelling south until all our lunches are gone.
Age of participants: Adult
Number of participants needed: 6
Estimated time: 9:30 am - 3:00 pm
Specific Needs:

  • 6 people to make lunches and deliver lunches in pairs along Main Street
  • Food for lunches:
    • Sandwich meat
    • Peanut butter, jam
    • Granola bars
    • Wrapped string cheese
    • Sandwich bags

Contact Sarah at if you are interested in helping! 


Jacob's Well — Ekklesia

Coordinator: Ekklesia, Rob Nutting, or 778.879.0590

A group will be serving at Jacob's Well by cooking a meal and building relationships & learning from the people of the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver (DTES). Jacob's Well is a faith-based community located in the DTES. They seek mutually transformative friendship with people on the margins of society and equip others to do the same in their own context. The group will also be participating in a teaching session lead by Jacob's Well to learn more about the dynamics of poverty in Vancouver. 

Neighbourhood: Downtown Eastside
Number of participants: 20
Estimated time: 4-6 hours

This project primarily available to Ekklesia members. Please be praying for them on March 26 as they serve those on the DTES. 


Block Party at Hillcrest Park

Coordinator: Ben Short, or 604.442.3433

An Easter neighbourhood party for people living in between Main and Ontario street. There will be Easter eggs decoration, races, games, face painting, live music, refreshments.

Location: Hillcrest Park, for the neighbourhood in between Main St. and Ontario Street around Hillcrest.
Age of participants: All ages are needed
Number of participants needed: 10-20 people
Estimated time: 10:00 am- 4:00 pm
Specific Needs: We need different kind of people:

  • musicians for a live music band
  • bakers/ coffee enthusiasts for refreshments
  • crafts enthusiasts
  • games/ races enthusiasts
  • friendly people who enjoy starting conversations

Contact Ben Short if you are interested in helping! 


Weeding at West Point Grey

Contact Antje Carrel at or (236) 998.4515 if you are interested in coordinating or helping.

You might have a green thumb, or not, you might live in West Point Grey, or not. If you would enjoy blessing the neighborhood of West Point Grey, do come to weed the open garden spaces placed alongside the streets or at the roundabouts. 

Location: West Point Grey
Age of participants: All kind of gardener ages needed
Number of participants needed: Min. 3 people
Estimated time: 1:00 - 3:00 pm
Specific Needs: Gardening tools, bags for the weeds, kneeling cushions if needed

Contact Antje if you are interested in helping!