Confirmation Service
June 18 | 10:00 am

At 10:00 am there will be a confirmation service in which three members of our church, Katherine and Austin Stevenson and Ethan Wilke, will publicly confirm their faith in Jesus and dedicate their lives to the will of God, and one member, Kyle MacKenney, who has previously been confirmed, will be received into the Anglican Communion from the Presbyterian Church USA. On behalf of the Anglican Church, Bishop Trevor will lay hands on them and pray for the Holy Spirit to strengthen them for their life of faithfully and sacrificially serving Jesus.  We will all confirm our support and encouragement for each of them in their life of ministry in Jesus name.  

You are all warmly invited to attend this service especially since our candidates for confirmation attend the range of our Sunday services (Kyle at 7:30 am, Ethan at 11:00 am, and Austin and Katherine at 6:00 pm).  Please pray for each of these candidates as they commit themselves to serving Jesus in His church. 

If you have any questions about confirmation, any of our clergy and catechists would be happy to talk with you.