Christmas in Vancouver is a chaotic mix of school concerts, family reunions, last-minute shopping, large-scale cooking and the same twelve Christmas songs in every place you go. Yet, somehow there remains a lingering longing in our culture for the "traditional Christmas" which opens a unique opportunity for us to share the beauty and joy we have in Jesus Christ. As a community, let's pray that advent is an opportunity...

  • TO CELEBRATE that God went to astonishing lengths to demonstrate his love for us in sending his own Son as the light in our darkness! This message of hope is good news of great joy for all people. 

  • TO INVITE friends, family, neighbours and co-workers to celebrate Christmas in a warm and friendly setting. For many non-Christians, attending a traditional Christian event during the Christmas season is a very natural and attractive way to celebrate the season. 

  • TO SERVE together as the body of Christ, bringing together our many gifts and talents to bless the people of our city.  To see different opportunities for serving click on the button below.