This year we are doing catechism differently. We’re still talking about the same important content, but we’re offering it in a different format.

During the 11:00 am service we are running seven weeks of classes that will cover section one from “To be a Christian.” This class is open to anyone interested in diving into some of the core questions around being a Christian.

You are welcome to drop in and have a taste of what these classes are like. Each week there will be teaching on a topic followed by small group work, led by a trained catechist. Come and check us out!


Jan 27 // What is the gospel?

Feb 3 // What is the human condition?

Feb 10 // What is the way of life?

Feb 17 // What are the means of life?

Feb 24 // Responding to the gospel

Mar 3 // Benefits of the gospel

Mar 10 // Growing in the gospel