Friday, February 15 and 22
6:00-8:00 pm

WHERE: St. John's Vancouver, 5350 Baillie Street

SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) has become a buzz word among Vancouver-area parents since last year when the BC Ministry of Education amended the BC curriculum to include SOGI material in line with changes to the provincial human rights code. There have been aggressive and subtle voices on both sides of the debate, making it difficult as Christian parents to know how best to respond to these changes. 

We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ offers a compassionate and clear response to this issue. Our aim is for this two-part series to Educate, Equip and Encourage you as parents and disciplers of elementary and high school children.  

EDUCATE: Every school board in BC now has a SOGI policy. What does this mean? And what might it actually look like in practice in your child's school? What are we able to affirm about SOGI, as Christians who believe in human rights and safety for every person? And what must we reject and stand against, as followers of Jesus who submit to the authority of scripture?

We will examine the background and mandates for SOGI policy as well as look at actual content of SOGI curriculum in order to give you the facts as parents and help you understand the issues in play.

EQUIP: What does the bible say about our identity? About gender, sexuality and formation as persons-in-relationship? We hope to equip you with a clear grasp of the beautiful message of freedom and identity we have in Christ and a biblical framework for beginning a vital conversation with your child or teen about their own identity and how to love and care for others.

ENCOURAGE: We want to encourage you to see the new SOGI school board policies as an opportunity to engage in important conversations with your teen or child about sex, identity and gender rather than as a source of fear and anxiety for your family. As Christian parents, we are called to be the primary disciplers of our children. This issue is a great chance to walk alongside your child or teen in prayer and humility, addressing difficult questions head on with truth and compassion. 

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