Living in Vancouver is a privilege. However, our city, in all its beauty, has also a lot of brokenness in its midst — Loneliness and the prevailing transiency, the lack of meaningful connections with neighbours, and the growing individualism. In such context, how do we respond to the call of loving our neighbours? 

For the second year, we will be joining together in The Easter Project (multi-generational groups of people from St. John’s choosing practical, loving, and serving projects in their neighbourhoods).

How could you, your community group, or your Bible study group reach out to those around you? Projects can be anything: throw a block party, clean up backyards, bring meals to people in need, etc. If you have an idea or would like help brainstorming ideas, contact Antje Carrel at or 236.998.4515 or Lyn Unger at 




A Day in the Downtown Eastside with Jacob's Well - April 22

Coordinator: Julia Baylis,

Come learn about relational ministry in the DTES with Jacob's Well, a faith-based community dedicated to building mutually transformative friendships with people on the margins of society.  We will spend time learning together and then prepare and host an Easter meal with members of the community.

Location: Downtown Eastside
Age of participants: 14 and up
Number of participants needed: 5-10 participants
Estimated time: Saturday, April 22, 2:00 - 8:00 pm

Contact Julia if you are interested in joining! 


Past Projects:


Pancakes in the Park

Coordinator: James and Tara Klukas,

Come and join us for a pancake breakfast in the park with coffee and tea, as well as an Easter egg hunt!

Location: Grimmet Park at Main St. and 19th.
Age of participants: All ages are welcome!
Estimated time: Saturday, April 15, 9:30 - 11:00 am


The Gift of a Sandwich

Coordinator: Ben Short,

We are planning on giving a simple gift of food.  We will gather to make sandwiches around 1:00 pm at a house at Oak and King Ed, pray together, travel to the Downtown Eastside, and look for people who have need. We have done this a few times before and have had a wonderful experience. People have shared their stories and prayer burdens with us, and we have made meaningful contacts and given a sandwich. Think about joining us.

Location: Downtown Eastside
Age of participants: 20-50
Number of participants needed: We have at least 5 people going and we hope that more people will join us.
Estimated time: Saturday, April 15, 1:00 - 4:00 pm
Specific Needs: We'd love some more hands to help us make sandwiches and pray for people downtown.

Contact Ben if you are interested in helping! 


Easter Block Party in the Mt Pleasant Neighbourhood

Coordinator: Emma Song-Carrillo, or 604-345-2532

Come and join us for a block party filled with fun activities! There will be an Easter egg hunt, egg dyeing, live music, and food and drinks will be provided. Our hope is to enable people from the Mt Pleasant neighbourhood to connect with one another and for us to meet some of our neighbours. This will also be a great opportunity for the many children to have an opportunity to have fun together and meet some other kids from their neighbourhood.

Location: Mt. Pleasant (near Fraser street and Broadway) 
Age of participants: All ages are welcome to join!
Number of participants needed: The more people the merrier.
Estimated time: Saturday, April 15, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Specific Needs: We are looking for people who would love to help running activities, whether it is dyeing eggs, face painting, blowing balloon animals, or baking for us. We are also open to having other activities depending on people’s gifting and desires. 

Contact Emma if you are interested in helping! 


Finals Week De-stressor

Coordinator: Zach Kahler,

Members of Ekklesia will be passing out treats and goodies to UBC and Regent students during finals week.

Location: Near Regent
Estimated time: Thursday, April 13
Specific Needs: If you are able to provide a treat for them to hand out to the students, please contact Zach.


Dahlia Garden Prep

Coordinator: Bettina Konrad,

Be part of a great story...the dahlia story. They want to help turn the soil of Dan Gowes’ garden so that once again dahlias will flourish there. All proceeds from the sale of the dahlias (about $10,000 annually) support both local and international missions.



Many more projects are in the works! Here are some projects small groups are taking on:

  • Working with our Refugee Welcome Team to get to know families and take them on special outings.
  • Welcoming refugee families into a Community Group, and getting to know them
  • Going as a group to work at Gleaners — an organization that helps process and dry fruit and veggies.  They then send it to areas of the world in need.
  • Organizing an appreciation lunch
  • Doing housework for a friend in need