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A little bit about us:

We have traditional Anglican Services on Sundays at 7:30 am, 9:00 am, and 11:00 am and a contemporary Anglican service at 6:00 pm every week.


Welcome from our Rector

What binds us together at St. John’s is something far deeper than taste, style, race or even family. It is the overwhelming reality of the grace of God revealed in Jesus Christ. Our vision is to be:

A community of contrast, gripped by the gospel of God’s grace—a multigenerational model of Mere Anglicanism, reaching and serving our multicultural society for the glory of God.

It’s a mouthful, but it is important.

A community of contrast means we want to be “different” in the Jesus way. Our desire is for people to come to a real, living, life-long faith in Jesus Christ which produces genuine change in our lives. We are not perfect or pretending to be. There is room for grief and gladness, failure and success. We welcome sinners and hypocrites because God has welcomed us. We know that grace of God which enables real generosity, hope and love in the face of our consumerism, secularism and individualism.

A multigenerational model of Mere Anglicanism simply means we highly value God’s word and seek to teach it clearly to ourselves and our children as an integral part of our church family. We do this in the Anglican way.

Reaching and serving our multicultural society for the glory of God is an invitation for you to be involved in serving others as God in Christ has served us. All of this rises (super)-naturally out of being gripped by the good news of God’s grace to us in Jesus Christ. We invite you to join us!