I’m new…


Welcome. Christianity is about Jesus and people. St. John’s is a spiritual home to many different people. We hope you are able to come.

  • when should I arrive?

    We start our services on time. You can come a few minutes early and pick up a printed booklet. One of our friendly greeters could show you where to sit and answer any of your questions.

  • can I bring my children?

    Yes, please! Children are a big part of the church and are very welcome. All of our services begin with children in the service so when you arrive, bring your kids in with you. There will be an obvious point when we invite them to the front and then send them to Sunday School. At the end of the service, you can pick them up from their classroom - or have them with you during the service.

  • How long is the service?

    They range from 45 minutes at the 7:30 am service to over an hour for the other services.

  • What are the services like?

    Our 7:30 am service follows the traditional Communion from the Anglican Book of Common Prayer.  Our other services have printed booklets that are adapted from the book of common prayer. The booklets help make it simple to follow along and not get lost. In each service, we sing, pray written prayers, and listen to a sermon that lasts about 20 minutes (and 10 minutes at the early service). Each week the service reminds us of core truths we hold and turns us back to facing God once again.

  • will i be expected to give money

    Please come as our guest. Any collection is given by the members of our church.

  • what should I wear?

    Just come as you are.