What is Learners' Exchange?

Canon Dr. J.I. Packer chairs the Learners' Exchange. The topics are deeply Christian and address topical issues of our time. Every Sunday morning at 9:00 am during the spring and fall, St. John's hosts engaging and stimulating speakers that give talks on a variety of subjects. Some of them have a particular expertise, some are people with worthwhile experiences to share. With a chance to have a lively discussion afterward, Learners' Exchange is great for adults wanting to explore and grow in their faith. We meet in the southeast corner room that is accessed through the sanctuary lobby area, and refreshments are served from 8:30 am to 9:00 am.



September 9 // Barbara Moreira // Narratives we Live by

September 16 // JI Packer // Eternity

September 23 // Harvey Guest // The Trinity

September 30 // Dan Gifford // Update on Gafcon

October 7 // Remembering Bill and Betty Chandler

October 14 // Don Lewis // “In Darkest London,” A Window on Urban Life and Mission in Victorian England

October 21 // Olav Slaymaker // The History of the Cambridge Intercollegiate Christian Union

October 28 // Kiara Falk // Modern-day Marcionism

November 4 // Zoltan Horvath // Our Gender Confused Generation - Implications for Medicine and Education

November 11 // Cindy Aalders // John Bunyan and Early Children’s Literature

November 18 // Bev Greenwood // Two Wills, Thomas Cranmer and the Musicality of Words in the Sixteenth Century

November 25 // Mel Dhanaraj // Lies My Sunday School Teacher Told Me