This is a teaching and learning ministry that seeks to help people grow in the knowledge of God and live according to his revealed truth in their everyday lives. 

Our approach is comprehensive and fun - including savoury food, lively discussion, systematic teaching, honest prayer, and weekly readings on central aspects of the Christian faith and life.  We trust that God will form us into his image and equip us to bless others.

If you have questions or are interested, contact Dan Gifford at or (604) 558-4400 ext. 234



Our catechists at St. John's were commissioned by Bishop Charlie Masters in October 2015 after they had completed a year-long catechist training programme. They are leading catechism courses in a variety of contexts at St. John's that include retreats, home bible study groups, Sunday morning Adult education, ESL groups, and Men's bible study. The courses vary from 5 weeks to 15 weeks in length.


We are not currently offering a catechism class. If you are interested in attending please register on the waitlist below.