This sermon series highlights God’s Big Story, through the lens of the book of Psalms. Over six weeks, we will embark on a journey through the grand biblical narrative by examining different psalms which highlight key events or time periods in Scripture. We will travel chronologically from creation, through the exodus, kingship in Israel, the exile of God’s people, the coming of the Messiah, culminating in the everlasting praise seen in Revelation.

Each week, one Psalm will reflect a particular event. We will see how the psalmist paints a picture of the broader narrative of Scripture. These Psalms point us to history and the work of God throughout. We see the hand of God in the events of creation and the exodus of God’s people from Egypt. The Psalms also point to our present circumstances and God’s presence today, whether glorious, like the period of David’s kingdom, or difficult, like the period of exile. We also see how the Psalms point us prophetically to future realities; to the first coming of Jesus, the Messiah, several hundred years after these Psalms were written, and to the everlasting praise which will be given to God for all eternity in heaven.

In these ways, the Psalms open up for us God’s Big Story, helping to point us to God’s presence with and faithfulness to his chosen people throughout all time. Join us through this summer series as we dive into God’s Big Story, and see the hand of God through all time.