The fiery furnace, the lion's den, handwriting on the wall--the stories in Daniel are favourites for Sunday School children. But the book of Daniel is more than just heroic bible stories for kids (Dare to be a Daniel!). This book pulls back the veil of history, revealing a pattern of beastly empires which rise and fall in open rebellion against the Lord God and his loving rule. Yet God is sovereign and in control, raising up the humble and bringing down the proud. He is patiently and powerfully establishing his own everlasting king and kingdom through the divine Son of Man. This kingdom breaks into our world with the arrival of God's own Son, Jesus Christ, who fulfills Daniel's visions as both Saviour and Judge. 

For Christians, the book of Daniel has always been a source of great hope grounded in the character of our great God. Our pattern of life in obedience to Christ regularly puts us at odds with the culture around us. How can we remain faithful to God in a world that rejects him? How can we serve and bless our city while standing firm for the gospel in both word and deed? Daniel is a wonderfully practical book with wisdom and encouragement for young and old alike. After all, Daniel was only a teenager when he arrived in Babylon and likely more than eighty years old when he was thrown in the lion's den! His is a testimony to life-long faithfulness and fruitfulness for the kingdom of God.